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Egypt The Land of the Pharaohs in historical photographs by Lehnert & Landrock Introduced by: Walter M. Weiss Foreword by: Naguib Mahfouz A FASCINATING TRIP TO THE LAND OF THE PHARAOHS. These renowned photos are published here in book from mostly for the first time. Even eighty years later, they have not lost any of their quality and beauty. The photographic kaleidoscope covers shots of world famous cultural monuments and excavation sites, Pyramids, temple precincts, Pharaonic tombs, sensational finds, mosques, cities, villages, landscapes, people and scenes from daily life. The expressive images bring the magic and mysteries of Egypt to life, projecting a superb panorama of that country on the verge of the modern age. Egypt has always been one of the most important destinations for oriental journeys, this book reveals the unbroken fascination of Egypt with the aid of unique historical photographs dating from 1923 to 1930. (THE LEHNERT & LANDROCK BOOKSHOP STILL EXISTS IN CAIRO.)

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English Edition : Lehnert & Landrock (2007)

Hardcover: 135 PP

ISBN: 9783930378838

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