A Pocket Dictionary of the Spoken Arabic of Cairo
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A Pocket Dictionary of the Spoken Arabic of Cairo
English–Arabic Virginia Stevens
Maurice Salib
A new revised edition of the indispensable dictionary
Whether you are newly arrived in Egypt and need to know the words for ‘bread’ and ‘apartment,’ or a long-term resident who suddenly needs to know how to ask for a picture frame or complain of a sore throat, this dictionary is for you. Fully revised and expanded, the third edition of this unique and invaluable dictionary presents 6,500 words commonly needed by foreigners speaking Arabic in Egypt. Arabic words are written in a clear and consistent transcription system, plurals are given for all nouns, plurals and feminine forms are provided for all adjectives, and past tenses are given for all verbs. The dictionary also provides stress rules and basic charts of verb endings, negation of verbs, form and use of numbers, pronominal suffixes, and comparatives and superlatives.

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Writer : Maurice Salib
English Edition : Apr 2004
Paperback : 176 pp.
ISBN : 978 977 424 839 9
Product Dimensions : 5.7 X 4.2 X 0.5 inch
Weight : 0.190kg
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