Love in the Rain
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A vibrant novel of love, bitterness, and betrayal

Set in Cairo in the aftermath of the Six-Day War of 1967, Love in the Rain introduces us to an assortment of characters who, each in his or her own way, experience the effects of this calamitous event. The war and its casualties, as well as people’s foibles and the tragedies they create for themselves, raise existential questions that cannot easily be answered. In a frank, sensitive treatment of everything from patriotism to prostitution, homosexuality and lesbianism, Love in the Rain presents a struggle between “old” and “new” in the realm of moral values that leaves the future in doubt. Through the dilemmas and heartbreaks faced by his protagonists, Mahfouz exposes the hypocrisy of those who condemn any breach of sexual morality while turning a blind eye to violence, corruption, and oppression.

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Writer : Naguib Mahfouz
Translated by : Nancy Roberts
English Edition : Mar 2011
Hardbound : 140 pp.
ISBN : 9789774164521
Product Dimensions : 8.1 X 5.2 X 0.5 inch
Weight : 0.345 kg
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Subcategory: Arabic Literature

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