Annales du Service des Antiquités de l’Egypte Cahier No. 35
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The World of Ancient Egypt: Essays in Honor of Ahmed Abd El-Qader El-SawiEdited by Khaled Daoud
Sawsan Abd El-Fatah
A tribute to one of Egypt’s preeminent Egyptologists

The essays in this volume, written by scholars around the world, have been collected in honor of Professor Ahmed Abd El-Qader El-Sawi, a towering figure in the field of Egyptian archaeology. El-Sawi enjoyed a long career at the Egyptian Department of Antiquities (now the Supreme Council of Antiquities), where he participated in excavations, documented Egyptian monuments, and supervised archaeological missions, both Egyptian and foreign, including the rescue of the Nubian monuments. In addition to his career in Egypt, Professor El-Sawi studied at Karl University in Czechoslovakia and worked on Egyptological ventures abroad, including the Tutankhamun exhibition in the United States and Britain, as well as missions to Turkey, Germany, and other nations. The papers in this volume are a well deserved tribute to his scholarship and dedication. Contributors: M. Abd Elkader, RandaBaligh, Ladislav Bares, MiroslavBarta, EddaBresciani, MagdiFekri, John P. Gnaedinger, Mahmoud El-Hamrawi, ZahiHawass, HanyHelal, JaromirKrejci, Yahya El-Masry, Abd-el-GawadMigahid, ShawkyNakhla, Ahmad El-Nassari, Frank Preusser, Sherif El-Sabban, Hassan Selim, KvetaSmolarikova, Ali M. Taha, MiroslavVerner, Hana Vymazalova. Supplement to the Annales du Service des Antiquités de l’Egypte

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Writer : Khaled Daoud , Sawsan Abd El-Fatah
English Edition : Feb 2007
Paperback : 280 pp. 100 illus.
ISBN : 9789774370151
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