Proceedings of the Colloquium on Theban Archaeology
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Proceedings of the Colloquium on Theban Archaeology at the Supreme Council of Antiquities
Edited by Zahi Hawass
Tamas Bacs
Gabor Schreiber
Highlights of Hungarian contributions to Egyptology in Thebes

Convened as an event coordinated with an exhibition in 2009 celebrating a century of Hungarian fieldwork in Egypt, this colloquium and volume of articles explore the richness and historical complexity of Western Thebes, and ongoing research there. The exhibition focused on Hungarian archaeological fieldwork and research in Thebes that began in 1983 with the then little-known tomb of Djehutymes (TT 32), and then expanded to the long-term study of other tombs in the necropolis. Contributions from scholars include studies of Early and Middle Ptolemaic funerary art, animal mummy burials and crocodile cults; the collaboration of a Hungarian-American team working on epigraphy in the Khonsu Temple at Karnak; the challenges of documenting the decorative details of TT 184 (Nefermenu); painting from the late Ramesside Period in TT 65; the history of Hungarian interest in Ancient Egypt; an examination of a funerary papyrus in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest; and funerary customs of the periods of Libyan and Kushite rule ca. 950–650 bc.

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