al-Kitab al-mufid An Introduction to Modern Written Arabic
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A new coursebook in modern standard Arabic from the authors of kullutamam!

This sequel to the well-known kullutamam!, on Egyptian Arabic, by the same authors, focuses on the modern written language used in real life by providing short texts taken from Egyptian newspapers, official statements, and the internet, and introduces personal and business letters, some of them in handwritten form (ruq‘a). For those who have studied kullutamam!, the first lessons give contrastive word lists and exercises to make the link with Egyptian Colloquial Arabic. Extensive pattern drills, translation exercises in both directions, and writing exercises aid understanding and encourage active use of the language. The key to the exercises, the Arabic –English / English –Arabic glossary, and the audio CD containing the texts allow for classroom use as well as for self-study.

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Writer : Manfred Woidich Rabha Heinen-Nasr
English Edition : Aug 2011
Paperback : 504 pp. Paperback +CD
ISBN : 9789774164460
Product Dimensions : 9.3 X 5.7 X 1.1 inch
Weight : 1 kg
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Subcategory: Language Studies

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