Desert Plants of Egypt’s Wadi El Gemal National Park
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A comprehensive illustrated guide to the botanical resources of an Egyptian national park

The vegetation in Wadi El Gemal National Park in Egypt’s Eastern Desert is more diverse than might first be expected, but even more surprising is the relationship that the desert dwellers continue to have with the plant life in their habitat, despite the increasing modernization of their world. As a ranger in the park, Tamer Mahmoud quickly realized the importance of surveying, identifying, and documenting the indigenous plants, and recording the information he compiled from interviews with the local community about how they use the plants for food, healing, animal fodder, and fuel. The result is this detailed and colorful guide, which includes photographs of each plant, the scientific name and local name in Arabic and English, and information on location, distribution, uses, and ecology. A glossary, bibliography, visitors’ information section and distribution maps make this a comprehensive reference work that will interest visitors, scientists, anyone interested in the flora of arid areas, and even anthropologists.

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Writer : Tamer Mahmoud
English Edition : Jul 2010
Paperback : 180 pp. 350 color photographs, 120 maps
ISBN : 978 977 416 350 0
Product Dimensions : 9.5 X 6.6 X 0.5 inch
Weight : 1 kg
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