The Tomb of Tutankhamen
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Discover the tomb of Tutankhamen with this colourful guide published by Bonechi; with pictures and some cultural information this book is the perfect way to travel without leaving home.

Tutankahten: this was his original name (“the living image of Aton”). His origins are uncertain – he may have been the son if the heretic king Akhenaton and one of his minor wives, Kiya. He was born and raised at the court of Amarna, where he ascended the throne as a child. In the second year of his reign, the pharaoh definitively closed the book on the period of the so-called ‘Amarnaheresy’ : he moved the capital back from Amarna to Thebes, reinstated the cult of the god Amon, and abandoned the ‘-aten’ forme of his name.

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Writer : Collective
English Edition : Bonechi (Jan. 20 2008)
Paperback : 32 pages
ISBN : 978-8847603929
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