Ancient Egypt’s Wildlife An AUC Press Nature Foldout
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A handy colorful guide to the birds, animals, and plants on Egypt’s tomb and temple walls

Carved reverently in the walls of the temples and tombs of ancient Egypt, hieroglyphs and sculpted reliefs depict lions and jackals, hawks and owls, cobras and scarabs. This unique new guide explores the hieroglyphs and fauna of the ancient world—species that were idolized and mummified, and those that have since become extinct. From the date palm and the blue lotus to the griffon vulture and the hoopoe, the plants and animals on ancient Egyptian tomb walls spring to life in this lively and useful guide. Water-resistant and compact, filled with gorgeous illustrations and photographs, comprehensive text, diagrams, and maps, this foldout guide is the perfect travel companion. • 55 species • Depictions of hieroglyphs with their true animal counterparts • Map of Egypt’s most sacred animal temples

Product Specifications
Writer : Dominique Navarro with Salima Ikram
English Edition : Aug 2013
Foldout : 8 pp. Illustrated in color
ISBN : 978 977 416 595 5
Product Dimensions : 58.5X21.5 cm
Weight : 0.080 kg
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Subcategory: Travel Literature and Guidebooks

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