Egypt’s Flora and Fauna
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Egypt’s Flora and Fauna
An AUC Press Nature Foldout Dominique Navarro
with Richard Hoath

A handy colorful guide to Egypt's animals and plants

Besides its archaeological treasures, Egypt is also home to an exotic and mysterious wealth of wildlife, hiding at times in its temples and tombs, its deserts and oases. The Nile nourishes an array of habitats, flora, and fauna often overlooked by the archaeologically curious tourist. This full-color foldout guide introduces an exciting array of animals and plants, from river wetland residents to desert survivors. Water-resistant and compact, it is the perfect travel companion, filled with beautiful illustrations, comprehensive text, diagrams, and maps. • Map of Egypt and opportune locations to see wildlife • Palms & other common native and non-native plants • Mammal species: carnivores, insectivores, rodents • Common reptiles & amphibians • Insects & invertebrates • Freshwater fish of the Nile

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Writer : Richard Hoath
English Edition : Feb 2013
Foldout : 8 pp. Illustrated in color
ISBN : 978 977 416 578 8
Product Dimensions : 23 X 8.5 inch
Weight : 0.080 kg
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Subcategory: Travel Literature and Guidebooks

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