Meyya Meyya 100 % Part 1
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Meyya Meyya 100 % Part 1
Egyptian Colloquial Self Learning Approach
Part 1
this is one of the best series on learning egyptian colloquial arabic. the author has a particular way of explaining things and you understand
MeyyaMeyya is divided into 3 sections.
The alphabet, a pronunciation guide and use of
phonetics, and a huge base of vocabulary.
A step by step guide to the grammar of Egyptian
Colloquial Arabic.
Useful conversations, which include essential
The book is accompanied by a CD which helps with
pronunciation, stress and intonation.
It takes in consideration the different levels of
knowledge which each student will bring to it.

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Writer : Osama A. Hegazi
English Edition : 2010
Paperback : 152 p.p
ISBN : 9789771734840
Product Dimensions : 9.4 X 6 X 0.4 inch
Weight : 0.325 kg
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