Meyya Meyya100 %Part 2
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MeyyaMeyya100 %Part 2
: Egyptian Colloquial (Self Learning Approach)
Osama A. Hegazi

MeyyaMeyya is divided into 3 sections.
The alphabet, a pronunciation guide and u
of phonetics, a hint about Arabic script used
in this book, and a huge base of vocabulary
used in practical and daily life.
Expressions and words used in connecting
How to form and use longer and more
complex sentences.
The book is accompanied by a CD which helps with
pronunciation, stress and intonation.
It takes in consideration the different levels of
knowledge which each student will bring to it.
Let’s get started and good luck!

The Arabic script in this book is not written
correctly, it is written according to the
pronunciation of the word, you will find some
words followed by a different script between
brackets, these words written between brackets
are the correct spelling of the words coming before
them, but not all wo

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Writer : Osama A. Hegazi
English Edition : 2010
Paperback : 140 p.p.
ISBN : 9789771781721
Product Dimensions : 9.4 X 6 X 0.4 inch
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