Luxor: Gods, Grit and Glory
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The very name of Luxor conjures up images of romance and mystery, intrigue and suspense, ancient gods and modern archaeologists, pharaohs and mummies. Within these twenty-five stories you will experience Luxor through the ages as you wander the desert with ancient nomads searching for water. See Luxor grow from a pre-dynastic village to a modern city of a half million inhabitants. Meet the people of Luxor: a lowly soldier in the army of King Thutmose III, a priest of Amun trying desperately to save his dying religion, a seller of mummies to European merchants. Study with ancient astronomers as they plot the courses of the sun and the moon. Visit the homes of ancient Egyptians and see them at work in their shops. Sail to Lebanon to find timbers for Luxor’s grand temples. Join a party of Americans on a dahabeyah in the 19th century as they prepare to unwrap a mummy. All of this, and much more, awaits you in Luxor.

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Writer : Bill Petty
English Edition :
Paperback : 468 pages
ISBN : 9781514779378
Product Dimensions : 5 .9x 7.9x 1inches
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