About Us

We are one of the oldest and largest bookstores in the historic city of Luxor, having begun business in 1909.

Founded by our grandfather and his cousin during the days of the British presence in Egypt, they named their new store “English Photo Stores.”  Our grandfather, Hamid Aboudi, ran the bookstore while his cousin, Mohammad Aboudi, worked as one of the first tour guides in Luxor.

Years later Mohammad wrote a book called “Egypt: Aboudi's Guide book.”L. J. Craven wrote about  Mohammed Aboudi in her book “Aboudi, Man of Luxor.”

Our father,Kassem Aboudi, changed the name of the bookstore to incorporate the family name and it became “Aboudi’s Photo Stores & Books.”   Later the name was changed again to “Aboudi’s Photo Stores” and finally to “Aboudi Bookstore.”

We have inherited the business and are now the third generation of booksellers.  Our store and our customers have benefitted from this long history of selling books.We have the advantage of offering the largest selection in Egyptology books in Luxor.We have also built up trust, credibility and good treatment of our customers.  In turn our customers trust in the name “Aboudi Bookstore.”

You will find us listed in most international tourist guidebooks that write about Egypt and the City of Luxor.Many tourists that come to the city of Luxorare interested in visiting our bookstore and it is a favorite of archaeologists andintellectuals in Luxor.

We have created this website so that our valued customers can easily communicate with us wherever they are and to open a window to the world for Aboudi Bookstore.