Higaza» .. Egyptian village loves sculpture
Sculpture in wood of the oldest arts known to mankind , and is known by many countries, including Egypt , India and Turkey , which demonstrated the brilliance creators of this art , and bring out technical masterpieces remain immortal until now ..
But like other ancient arts almost this beautiful art that disappear before the flood of globalization , what is left of it just a profession for the few in the field of furniture , but there is an Egyptian village stands steadfast against attempts to extinction of this art heritage , because of its history and Luster high and aesthetic value and artistic unbroken Analog. In Upper Egypt , known by many Arab and foreign tourists « Higaza Village » - one of the villages in the province of Qena - this village taken from the hobby of sculpture in wood a way to change the fate of their children , and tried in which the fight against poverty and unemployment over half a century ago of the decade. Hanna Peter - 38 years - one of the most famous sons of the village , and is one of the pioneer generation who are learning the art of sculpture in wood .. Say about the beginning of the relationship this hobby : passion , wood sculpture began since my nails softness , thirty years ago , came to the village, a group of foreigners , mostly French do not know anything about the sons Higaza only they are suffering from poverty.
Instead of giving the village ends once spent money and go back to what it was tight as they teach children and young people of the village one of the character in order to help them get on their livelihood , and that was the beginning of the knowledge of the village the art of sculpture in wood.
It was not an easy start in front of the children of the village , where foreigners chose only seven of the children of the village to be trained , and you are one of these trainees , who were the first plant in the craft , which later became a hobby ..
Did not take Hanna long time in training on the sculpture, and went after it with him to teach the children of his village, and the result was that turned the village from the time - large and small - to the workshop a great exercise for those hobby that turned into a craft later , as emerged from between the folds of Onamlhm creations art an unprecedented figure.
And if the amount was equivalent to the villagers , as the saying amateur sculpture in wood : Could carvers - until now - get on Wood « Asersus » easily , so as to near its source KomOmbo, a village in Aswan, from the village , which is the only town with this kind of Wood which is characterized by the beauty of the shape , texture and ease of configuration , in addition to weight and large size and colors that are not affected by erosion factors .
Wood Asersus
And Asersus of wood that you need to considerable period of time to dry up to four years , in addition to large venues and extensive storage, says amateur woodcraft always placed in a large place does not have a surface until exposed to the sun too hot , which is characterized by the village , pointing out that this method of storage of the best ways to keep it until it is not exposed after the break , but gives the timepiece strength and the ability to stay longer
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