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For over three thousand years, the ancient Egyptian monarchy lasted in a recognizable form, with the king as its central figure, the supreme head of the administrative, religious, political, and military state. Not merely a worldly leader, he was the chief link between the human and the divine, himself the physical offspring of a divine god. Monarchs of the Nile is a vivid and engaging account of the lives and times of some of the more significant occupants of the Egyptian throne, from the unification of the country around 3000 BC to the extinction of native rule just under three millennia later. Some, such as Thutmose III, had a major impact on their time, and were remembered by their own people until the very civilization collapsed. Others, such as Tutankhamun, were soon forgotten by the Egyptians themselves, only to burst into popular culture thousands of years after their deaths, as a result of the labors of modern archaeologists. Still more remain unknown outside the small circle of professional archaeologists, but led lives that call out for wider dissemination. Drawing on two further decades of research since Monarchs of the Nile was first published in 1995, Aidan Dodson provides a mix of all three categories, bringing together in highly readable form a compelling view of Egyptian kings and all their range of achievements.

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Writer : Aidan Dodson

English Edition : Oct 2015

Paperback: 248 pp. 68 b/w illus. and 3 maps

ISBN: 9789774167164

Product Dimensions: 5.9X9X0.6 inch

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