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Egypt and Nubia / The Holy Land .. Limited Collector’s edition
Limited Collector’s editionDrawings by David Roberts, R.A.
With historical descriptions byWilliam Brockedon
Lithographed by Louis Haghe
An exquisite collection for fine art lovers and David Roberts conn...
Price: $124.99
Egypt and Nubia / The Holy Land .. Deluxe Gift edition
Deluxe Gift editionDrawings by David Roberts, R.A.
With historical descriptions byWilliam Brockedon
Lithographed by Louis Haghe
The genius and sensitivity of the justly celebrated nineteenth-century Scott...
Price: $88.99
Life in Paradise The Noble Tombs of Thebes Edition by Zahi Hawass

The extraordinary tombs of the people who served the pharaohs revealed in full color

Not far from the Valley of the Kings lie hundreds of unique and wonderfully decorated tombs from the New Kingdom belonging t...

Price: $62.99
Tombs of the South Asasif Necropolis 2

Tombs of the South Asasif Necropolis: New Discoveries and Research 2012-2014
This volume is the second joint publication of the members of the American-Egyptian archaeological team South Asasif Conservation Project, ...

Price: $50.99
Ancient Nubia Edition by Marjorie M. Fisher
African Kingdoms on the NileEdited by Marjorie M. Fisher
Peter Lacovara
Salima Ikram
Sue D’Auria
Photographs by Chester Higgins Jr.
Foreword by Zahi Hawass
A lushly illustrated gaze...
Price: $49.99
Scanning the Pharaohs
A gripping analysis of the results of the groundbreaking imaging technology used to examine the royal mummies of the New Kingdom, by leading experts in the field

The royal mummies in the Cairo Museum are an impo...
Price: $44.99
The Medicine of the Ancient Egyptians
The first part of a comprehensive survey of medical knowledge and practice in ancient Egypt, by leading authorities on the topic

Ancient Egyptian medicine employed advanced surgical practices, while the preventi...
Price: $44.99
The Royal Mummies
Immortality in Ancient EgyptFrancis Janot
Introduction by Zahi Hawass
A spectacular new look at what lay behind the mummification of Egypt’s monarchs

Embalming, the art that people had learned fr...
Price: $44.99
The Traditional Jewelry of Egypt
For many women of Egypt, their jewelry is their bank—they wear their wealth in their gold. But jewelry in Egypt is also more than mere assets, and its design and manufacture reveal a great array of styles and a high degree ...
Price: $44.99
The World of the Pharaohs
New flexibound edition

This new compact flexibound edition of a favorite book deals with Egypt from prehistoric times through the Greco-Roman era, and casts a revealing and refreshing light on ancient Egyptian ...
Price: $42.99
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