Ahmose: An Egyptian Soldier's Story
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The 3,500 year old story of Ahmose is being told here for the first time in a book intended for the Egypt enthusiast as well as the general public. Relying on ancient tomb inscriptions, papyrus texts, scribal exercises painted on wooden tablets, published sources, and a requisite amount of conjecture, the author has written an interpretive biography of this remarkable man. Ahmose lived through one of Egypt's greatest periods of transition, from a divided and conquered country into the world's first super power. He was an active soldier for over 40 years during the early 18th Dynasty and fought under three kings: Ahmose, Amenhotep I, and Thutmose I. Through his personal bravery and shrewd investments, Ahmose grew from a lowly recruit into a high ranking officer, and a wealthy land owner, whose social status rose to the point that his grandson served as tutor for the son of King Thutmose I. By the time of his death, at age 67, Ahmose had lived during the reigns of seven pharaohs, including Egypt’s greatest king, Thutmose III. In addition to Ahmose's biography this book contains the full translation, with explanation, of his autobiography as it appears on his tomb wall, as well as the translations of several other, related historical documents. It also contains information on the Egyptian calendar, the organization of the military, and other subjects of interest. About the Author: Dr. Bill Petty graduated from West Point and received his doctorate in Engineering from the University of Illinois. He has studied Egyptian History for the past 25 years and has written several books on the ancient Egyptian language. He is a member of the Egyptian Study Society, the American Research Center in Egypt and The Explorers Club.

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