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This joint project of Cairo University and the University of Tübingen began ocially

in 2015 and was funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Thereal starting point was indeed some years earlier, in 2012, shortly after the Egyptianrevolution in 2011. At that time, the Egyptological Department of the University ofTübingen started a teaching program in electronic drawing at Cairo University, with

the nancial support of the DAAD, supported by the former Dean of the Faculty of

Archaeology, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Hamza el Haddad, the Head of the Department,Prof. Dr. Zeinab Mahrous, and directed by – at that time – Dr., now Prof. Dr. Tarek

Tawk. The members of the teaching sta from the German side were Victoria

Altmann-Wendling, Stefan Baumann, Alexa Rickert, and Carolina Teotino during

the years 2012 to 2014. As part of the program several courses were oered in Cairoand in Tübingen for more than 15 advanced students and sta members from Cairo

University as well as from the Egyptian Museum. The photos were provided fromthe Egyptian Museum, the editors would like to thank the former director Dr. Wafaael Saddik and the photographer Ahmed Amin for their support. We would also liketo thank the members of the Database Project of the Cairo Museum, Safy Samir andMarwa Abdel Razek, as well as Elhamy Ali from the Grand Egyptian Museum. Afterthis fruitful cooperation, the editors applied for a new project, which was grounded inthe skills acquired in the past three years. This time, the aim was more ambitious. Theplan was to initiate a joint publication project of both young Egyptian and Germanscholars, using modern technologies like electronic drawing boards, photo merging,3D-modeling etc. A suitable subject was the late anthropoid stone sarcophagi in theCairo Museum. Most of this collection was known only from the entries in




The Late Egyptian Anthropoid Stone Sarcophagi

 , Copenhagen 1959. This was atthat time a very useful monograph, which contains basic information and also somephotos of these sarcophagi from collections all over the world. This book, however,was never intended to be a full publication of all the texts and reliefs on all of thesesarcophagi – a task which would be impossible for one single person. Our applicationto the DAAD and the Egyptian Museum for the publication rights was successful,and the work of the eight team members, four Egyptians and four Germans, startedin 2015. Every chapter of the catalogue was prepared by a joint Egyptian-Germanteam. The drawings were made by the Egyptians, the translations were provided bythe Germans, the work was only possible through close cooperation. The ever helpfulphotographer of the Egyptian Museum, Ahmed Amin, provided the teams withhundreds and thousands of photographs, which were later merged together withthe help of Adobe Photoshop. The hieroglyphic texts were composed by JSesh, forwhich we thank Serge Rosmorduc. We are also indebted to Angela Murock Husseinfor correcting the English text. We would like to thank also Marcel Kühnemund for

composing the layout. The printing of this rst catalogue of the Grand Egyptian

Museum (a second should follow with the sarcophagi housed in the Tahrir museum)

was made possible through nancial support from the DAAD. We would like to thank

Mostafa Ali, the director of the printing house of the Ministry of Antiquities for all ofhis practical assistance

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