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Hassan Fathy and Continuity in Islamic Arts and Architecture The Birth of a New Modern
A thought-provoking and richly illustrated look at tradition and innovation in the work of the world-renowned architect

Hassan Fathy, the Egyptian architect known for his recognition of the potential of vernacular forms as a vital force in contemporary architectural design, sought to integrate the traditions of Islamic art with his modern visions for living. Guided by Fathy’s principles, Ahmad Hamid, an architect who collaborated with Hassan Fathy in the Institute for Appropriate Technology, identifies questions about the nature of Islamic art and its building culture, as well as the origins of modern architecture. This richly illustrated book provides new insights into Hassan Fathy’s profuse, pathbreaking design documents and built projects, while exploring the socioeconomic, environmental, psychological, and esthetic components of Fathy’s work in the light of a quest for a new universal modernity for the twenty-first century.

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Writer : Ahmad Hamid

English Edition : Nov 2010

Hardbound: 224 pp. 100 b/w photographs and drawings

ISBN: 978 977 416 341 8

Product Dimensions: 9.6 X 7.6 X 1 inch

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