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Musiqa al-Kalimat
One of the best ways to learn a language is by studying the media that native speakers themselves listen to and read, and popular songs can also reveal much about the culture and traditions of an area where the language is sp...
Price: $23.99
Tombs of the South Asasif Necropolis 2
Tombs of the South Asasif Necropolis: New Discoveries and Research 2012-2014
This volume is the second joint publication of the members of the American-Egyptian archaeological team South Asasif Conservation Project, wor...
Price: $54.99
Zar is both a possessing spirit and a set of reconciliation rites between the spirits and their human hosts: living in a parallel yet invisible world, the capricious spirits manifest their anger by causing ailments for their ...
Price: $22.99
Cairo Inside Out
Cairo is a city of splendor and spectacle, long celebrated as much for its warmth and bustling street life as for the legacy of its tumultuous past. Yet for the countless visitors who fall under its spell, the prolonged din o...
Price: $22.99
Ancient Egypt in Poetry
A collection of romantic verse celebrating Egypt\\\'s monumental ruins and pharaonic civilization

Egypt’s ancient pyramids, temples, and tombs along the Nile, which have inspired artists and writers for centur...
Price: $11.99
The Travels of Ibn Battuta A Guided Arabic Reader
A unique and richly engaging approach to teaching Arabic at the high intermediate to advanced level

The Travels of Ibn Battuta: A Guided Reader is a unique Arabic literature and history textbook for students at ...
Price: $20.99
A fascinating biography of the renowned Orientalist and collector
Based on the personal journals of Robert Grenville Gayer-Anderson (1881–1945), Egyptologist, poet, surgeon, soldier, psychic, and noted collector, th...
Price: $20.99
Mrs. Naunakhte & Family
A unique view into the lives of ordinary women in ancient Egypt

The so-called Will of Naunakhte (1154 BCE) has become rightly famous in Egyptology. So where did she come from and what really happened to her eigh...
Price: $23.99
The Traditional Crafts of Egypt
A colorful kaleidoscope of the handcrafts created by Egypt\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s artisans today in glass, wood, fabric, stone, and other media

Many traditional crafts practiced in contemporary Egypt c...
Price: $40.99
Ancient Egypt: An Artist's Coloring Book
Embark on a colorful journey to reveal a hidden Egypt! Explore Egyptian gods, animals, hieroglyphs, designs, and more as you color the elaborate artwork, revealing vibrant details while learning unusual Egyptology facts and c...
Price: $10.99
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