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Nasser My Husband
Translated by Shereen Mosaad Edited by Tahia Khaled Abdel Nasser Foreword by Hoda Gamal Abdel Nasser A new and intimate portrait of an iconic world figure by the one who knew him best—his wife
Price: $22.99
Naguib Mahfouz His Life and Times
The illustrated biography of the Nobel laureate Naguib Mahfouz (1911 –2006) is the only Arab writer to have been awarded the Nobel prize for literature. The author of thirty-five novels, fifteen collections of...
Price: $14.99
An Account of the Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians
A new paperback edition of the classic study of Egyptians in the nineteenth century Few works about the Middle East have exerted such wide and long-lasting influence as Edward William Lane’s An Account of the ...
Price: $17.99
Cleopatra The Last Pharaoh
Cleopatra The Last Pharaoh A new illustrated biography of Egypt’s queen Cleopatra VII (69–30 BC) was the last monarch of the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt. Daughter of Ptolemy XII, she ruled with h...
Price: $12.99
El Alamein and the Struggle for North Africa
El Alamein and the Struggle for North Africa International Perspectives from the Twenty-first Century A new set of studies of issues surrounding the pivotal battle on its 70th anniversary This new collection of s...
Price: $22.99