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Egypt - The Land Of The Pharaohs In Historical Photographs
Egypt The Land of the Pharaohs in historical photographs by Lehnert & Landrock Introduced by: Walter M. Weiss Foreword by: Naguib Mahfouz A FASCINATING TRIP TO THE LAND OF THE PHARAOHS. These renowned photos are published her...
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By Way of Accident
It is astonishing to think that many great archaeological discoveries occurred in Egypt only by way of accident during the 19th and 20th centuries. Even today accidents still play a vital, frequent and sometimes comical role,...
Price: $22.99
Luxor: Gods, Grit and Glory
The very name of Luxor conjures up images of romance and mystery, intrigue and suspense, ancient gods and modern archaeologists, pharaohs and mummies. Within these twenty-five stories you will experience Luxor through the age...
Price: $22.99
Meyya Meyya 100 % Part 1
Meyya Meyya 100 % Part 1
Egyptian Colloquial Self Learning Approach
Part 1
this is one of the best series on learning egyptian colloquial arabic. the author has a particular way of explaining things and you ...
Price: $22.99
Meyya Meyya100 %Part 2
MeyyaMeyya100 %Part 2
: Egyptian Colloquial (Self Learning Approach)
Osama A. Hegazi

MeyyaMeyya is divided into 3 sections.
The alphabet, a pronunciation guide and u
of phonetics, a hint a...
Price: $22.99
Egypt from Past to Present Through the Eyes of an Egyptian
Egypt from Past to Present from cairo to luxor ,aswan ,abusimbel , Nubian temples Alexandria, .sinai, red sea and the oases art and historythis book is divided in logical chapters which are describing all major historical si...
Price: $19.99
Ahmose: An Egyptian Soldier's Story
The 3,500 year old story of Ahmose is being told here for the first time in a book intended for the Egypt enthusiast as well as the general public. Relying on ancient tomb inscriptions, papyrus texts, scribal exercises painte...
Price: $17.99
Art and History of Egypt
Art & History: Egypt, 5000 Years of Civilization
Discover Egypt’s rich history, monument and artwork with this beautiful volume. Its detailed texts and superb historical and artistic illustrations and maps provid...
Price: $17.99
Task we had set for ourselves in tring to reconstruct the great architecturalbuilding of ancient Egypt more so than others the sites at karnak and luxor of which entire sectors have been pulvrised much patience
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Upper Egypt is the region where the great pharaonic sanctuaries have deen dest preserved largely because they were buried in sand over the course of centuries .these incomparable monuments were also saved because of their iso...
Price: $17.99
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