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Die Aussenwände und westlichen Seitenkapellen des Tempels von Athribis
Textes en allemand et hiéroglyphes égyptiens.
Band 1 : Text ; Band 2 : Tafeln und Textsynopsen 2 vol
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Tomb of khaemhat { TT57 }

Tomb of Khâemhat TT 57
The royal scribe and overseer of the granaries of Upper and Lower Egypt\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" , by Mohammed Abdel Latif El-Tanbouli

The Center of Documentation...

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Répertoire Documentaire des Tombes Thebaines

This guide to the Valley of the Queens is the first of the photographic registration series of the Egyptian Antiquities Registration Center at the Ministry of Antiquities

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Annales du Service des Anti. de l’Eg. Cahier No. 36 (2 Volume Set)
Annales du Service des Antiquités de l’Egypte
Cahier No. 36: (2 Volume Set)
The Archaeology and Art of Ancient Egypt: Essays in Honor of David B. O’ConnorEdited by Zahi Hawass
Janet Richards
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Annales Du Service Des Antiquites De L'Egypte vol. 86
Annales Du Service Des Antiquites De L\'Egypte vol. 86
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Annales Du Service Des Antiquites De L'Egypte vol. 87
For centuries, Egyptian civilization and its antiquities have inspired passionate interest. Archaeologists, engineers, astronomers, poets, painters, people of different cultures, and travelers have been riveted by Egypt's anc...
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annales du service des antiquités de l’Egypte 85
it gives me great pleasure to introduce Volume 85 of the ASAE,
the first to be produced after the great Egyptian Revolution
of January 25. As Egypt starts a new era, we also hope our
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This joint project of Cairo University and the University of Tübingen began ocially

in 2015 and was funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Thereal starting point was indeed some years earlie...

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The Mastaba of Šm3j at Nagʿ Kom El-Koffar,
The Mastaba of Šm3j at Nagʿ Kom El-Koffar, Qift: Autobiographies and related scenes and texts
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