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Kilma Hilwa Edited by Bahaa Ed-Din Ossama
Egyptian Arabic through Popular Songs: Intermediate LevelBahaa Ed-Din Ossama
A new approach to learning Egyptian Arabic through the songs of Umm Kulthoum, Mohamed Mounir, and many others
One of the best ways to ...
Price: $22.99
Egyptian Cooking And Other Middle Eastern Edited by Samia Abdennour
Since its original publication in 1984, Samia Abdennour’s Egyptian Cooking has become a true classic—a must-have cookbook for anyone who wants to eat as the Egyptians do. From hearty staples like foul midammis (stewed fav...
Price: $14.99
The Traditional Jewelry of Egypt
For many women of Egypt, their jewelry is their bank—they wear their wealth in their gold. But jewelry in Egypt is also more than mere assets, and its design and manufacture reveal a great array of styles and a high degree ...
Price: $44.99
Monarchs of the Nile Edited by Aidan Dodson
For over three thousand years, the ancient Egyptian monarchy lasted in a recognizable form, with the king as its central figure, the supreme head of the administrative, religious, political, and military state. Not merely a w...
Price: $21.99
The Medicine of the Ancient Egyptians
The first part of a comprehensive survey of medical knowledge and practice in ancient Egypt, by leading authorities on the topic

Ancient Egyptian medicine employed advanced surgical practices, while the preventi...
Price: $44.99
Wonderful Things Edited by Jason Thompson 1
The first part of the first comprehensive history of the study and understanding of ancient Egypt, from ancient times to the twenty-first century

The discovery of ancient Egypt and the development of Egyptology ...
Price: $36.99
On the Nile in the Golden Age of Travel Edited by Andrew Humphreys
A colorfully illustrated celebration of the classic era of cruising on the Nile

Since Antony and Cleopatra honeymooned on the Nile on a gilded barge, visitors to Egypt have taken to the river as the best way to ...
Price: $36.99
From Akhenaten to Moses
A critical examination of the origins and development of monotheism

The shift from polytheism to monotheism changed the world radically. Akhenaten and Moses—a figure of history and a figure of tradition—symb...
Price: $17.99
Mrs. Tsenhor Edition by Koenraad Donker van Heel
An independent woman of ancient Egypt brought to life from obscure papyrus records, by the author of Djekhy & Son

Tsenhor was born about 550 bce in the city of Thebes (Karnak). She died some sixty years later, h...
Price: $13.99
Ancient Egyptian Jewelry
Jewelry making; history; Ancient Egypt; selected from Egyptian Museum collection.
Price: $10.99
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