Catalogue of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo Now. 35001-35066
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Catalogue of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo Now. 35001-35066

The catalog is a product of a Spanish, Egyptian, and French project that studied the effects of Deir al-Madina in the Luxor Governorate preserved in the Egyptian Museum in editing. It also presented the history of previous studies in the region from 1909 to 2015.

 The catalog includes 66 pieces of discoveries of Deir el-Medina monuments found in the Egyptian Museum in editing, and the catalog displays each piece with the translation of texts engraved on it.

The catalog is divided into three sections, the first is for paintings, the second is for offering tables, and the third and final section contains various artifacts, including shoulders, doorsteps, and carved stone pieces, dating back to different eras, most of them from the modern state

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