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The Egyptian Museum
Art and ArchaeologyPhotographs by Araldo De Luca
Text by Alessia Amenta
An illustrated introduction to Cairo’s great treasure-house

The Egyptian Museum, one of the world’s most famous cultural ...
Price: $14.99
The Pyramids and the Sphinx Art and Archaeology
A lucid introduction to Egypt’s greatest monuments

For centuries, the Pyramids and Great Sphinx have been the visible reminders of the power and enduring legacy of ancient Egypt. Mysterious and irresistible to...
Price: $14.99
Abu Simbel, Aswan, and the Nubian Temples Art and Archaeology
A colorful introduction to the monuments of Nubia

In ancient times, Egypt’s influence extended over Nubia, a vast geographical area that starts south of Aswan and ends at the confluence of the White Nile and t...
Price: $14.99
Encyclopedia of the Pharaohs Vol. 1 Edition by Darrell D. Baker
Volume 1: Predynastic to the Twentieth Dynasty: 3300–1069 bc Darrell D. Baker
A comprehensive guide to the known rulers of ancient Egypt from 3300-1069 BC Includes an alphabetized list of all known pharaohs through t...
Price: $32.99
Hieroglyph Detective Edition by Nigel Strudwick
How to Decode the Sacred Language of the Ancient EgyptiansNigel Strudwick
A handy new guide to reading the ancient texts

Egyptian hieroglyphs have long fascinated people the world over, though traditional...
Price: $12.99
An Ancient Egyptian Herbal Edition by Lise Manniche
A revealing study of the use of plants in pharaonic times

The ancient Egyptians were skilled in the use of herbs and spices for medicines, cooking, cosmetics, perfumes, and many other purposes. Drawing on texts ...
Price: $20.99
The Lost Tombs of Saqqara
Alain Zivie
Photographs by Patrick Chapuis
Translated by David Lorton
An unusual visual account of French excavations at Saqqara

Saqqara, as the principal necropolis of Memphis, was a crucial...
Price: $22.99
Temples of Ancient Egypt
A new look at the function and ritual of ancient temples

This book presents an important survey of ancient Egyptian temples and the rituals associated with their use. It covers the entire pharaonic era, from the...
Price: $14.99
KV5 Edition by Kent R. Weeks
A Preliminary Report on the Excavation of the Tomb of the Sons of Ramesses II in the Valley of the Kings. Revised EditionEdited by Kent R. Weeks

New expanded and revised edition

The discovery in 19...
Price: $26.99
Ancient Egypt An Introduction Edition by Salima Ikram
The ideal introduction to one of the world’s great civilizations

This book provides an introduction to one of the greatest civilizations of all time – ancient Egypt. Beginning with a geographical overview th...
Price: $22.99
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