Encyclopedia of the Pharaohs Vol. 1 Edition by Darrell D. Baker
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Volume 1: Predynastic to the Twentieth Dynasty: 3300–1069 bc Darrell D. Baker
A comprehensive guide to the known rulers of ancient Egypt from 3300-1069 BC Includes an alphabetized list of all known pharaohs through the Twentieth Dynasty. Each entry includes: a brief biography of the reign; tomb location and number (if known); location of known mummies; chief consorts (if known); hieroglyphs and transliterations of each form of the pharaoh's name; pertinent biographical references. In addition, the encyclopedia contains a glossary of commonly-used terms, an index of Grecianized names and variant spellings, a list of apocryphal kings of the Fourteenth Dynasty, the royal titulary, and a chronological king list by dynasty

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Writer : Darrell D. Baker
English Edition : Mar 2009
Hardbound : 612 pp.
ISBN : 978 977 416 221 3
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