A Cairo Anthology
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Two Hundred Years of Travel WritingEdited by Deborah Manley

A wonderful gift book that evokes the world’s great love of travel to Cairo and the pyramids

Cairo has long been recognized as one of the great cities of the world, and many travelers have recorded their descriptions of it over the centuries—from the early eye-witness account of Herodotus to the reflections of Sir Richard Burton, Florence Nightingale, and Mark Twain. A Cairo Anthology gathers together the impressions of many of these writers: with them we experience the excitement of exploring the great city, through its crowded streets and colorful bazaars, we enter the hotels, hire donkeys, ascend to the historic Citadel, and look out across the Nile toward the Sphinx and the Pyramids, and we visit those vast monuments that are in reality always larger and more extraordinary than one can believe, and climb to their summits to gaze back at Cairo, the Mother of the World.

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Writer : Deborah Manley
English Edition : Oct 2013
Hardbound : 160 pp. 27 b/w illus.
ISBN : 978 977 416 612 9
Product Dimensions : 6.6 X 5 X 1.5 inch
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