Abydos by David B. O'Connor
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Egypt’s First Pharaohs and the Cult of Osiris
David O’Connor
An expert introduction to one of the most fascinating and enigmatic sites in southern Egypt

As both the burial place of the first pharaohs and a cult center for the god Osiris, Abydos was of immense importance to the ancient Egyptians for thousands of years and continues to yield spectacular discoveries. However, no full analysis of the site has been written in the last thirty years. Here David O’Connor provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive account of the site’s extraordinary history, as well as telling the story of his own excavations there. O’Connor himself has made some of the most remarkable finds of recent years, including a royal burial consisting of a fleet of fourteen boats, buried far out in the desert. This beautifully illustrated and authoritative book fills a significant gap in the literature on ancient Egypt and will be of interest both to students and to anyone who ever wondered about the origins of one of the greatest civilizations in world history.

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Writer : David O’Connor
English Edition : Jun 2009
Hardbound : 216 pp. 114 illus. incl. 11 color
ISBN : 978 977 416 278 7
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