Sugar Street
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In this final volume of Naguib Mahfouz\\\'s masterpiece trilogy, al-Sayyid Ahmad is aging, ill, and confined behind the mashrabeya that once confined his wife. But in his grandsons we see a modern Egypt emerging: one becomes a communist activist, another a Muslim fundamentalist, both working for what they believe will be a better world. And a third launches a promising political career abetted by a homosexual relationship with a prominent politician.

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Writer : Naguib Mahfouz
Translated by : William Maynard Hutchins
English Edition : Nov 2001
Paperback : 320 pp
ISBN : 9789774246838
Product Dimensions : 7.7 X 4.7 X 0.6 inch
Weight : 0.430kg
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Subcategory: Arabic Literature

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