Midaq Alley
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First published in English in 1974, MidaqAlley, is a rich account of life in a back street in a poor quarter of Cairo, focusing particularly on a young girl whose ambition to leave the cramped alley and lead an affluent life drives her to become a prostitute. Mahfouz gives us vivid images of all the pathos and joy that surround the lives of the people who make Midaq Alley their home.

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Writer : Naguib Mahfouz
Translated by : Trevor Le Gassick
English Edition : Jan 1985
Paperback : 302 pp.
ISBN : 9789774167133
Product Dimensions : 9x5.9x0.8 inch
Weight : 0.500 kg
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Category: A.U.C. Press Books

Subcategory: Arabic Literature

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