annales du service des antiquités de l’Egypte 85
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it gives me great pleasure to introduce Volume 85 of the ASAE,
the first to be produced after the great Egyptian Revolution
of January 25. As Egypt starts a new era, we also hope our
publications will continually improve and match with the best
reputable journals worldwide.
This publication is an example of the successful and fruitful
cooperation between the Ministry of State for Antiquities and the
foreign missions and institutes working in Egypt. The volume
contains a selection of reports and articles by esteemed Egyptologists
working at different sites. Notably, among those is a three-part report
on the excavation and conservation work at Kom el-Hettan (Thebes),
demonstrating the restoration work of the Colossi of Memnon and the
Temple of Amenhotep III Project. Another report shows the discovery
of the missing pieces of the colossal statue of Amenhotep III and Queen
Tiye at the Egyptian Museum. Other important reports cover sites
like Kom Firin (Beheira), Qurna, Karnak, Hierakonpolis, Beni Salama
(Wadi Natrun), Tell el-Herr, and others.
Following the tradition of paying tribute to Egyptian and foreign
scholars for their contribution to the field of Egyptology, I\\\\\\\'m pleased
to dedicate this volume to our colleague, Prof. Fathy Hassanein who
has served and enriched the field for many years. I hope this token
of appreciation will serve as a fitting tribute to his scholarship. I wish
him life, prosperity and health.
Mohamed Ibrahim Ali
Minister of State for Antiquitie

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