Paris along the Nile
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Paris along the Nile Architecture in Cairo from the Belle Epoque
A pictorial celebration of the wonderfully imaginative architecture of Cairo’s new building boom that began in the 1870s.

Cairo, ‘Mother of the World’: its vividly diverse neighborhoods and building styles reveal its cosmopolitan energy and reflect the myriad of economic, political, and cultural forces that have shaped the city over the centuries. So impressed was Khedive Ismail after a visit to Haussman’s ‘new’ Paris in 1867 that he decided to build a modern city along the same architectural lines and aesthetics, and brought European architects to Cairo to initiate Egypt’s most dynamic building period since medieval times. The stunning buildings of late-nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century Cairo remain, but they are neglected, threatened by pollution, and are being pulled down for concrete highrises and parking lots. Paris along the Nile captures in 200 black-and-white photographs the architectural jewels of ‘modern’ Cairo.

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Writer : Cynthia Myntti
English Edition : Oct 2003
Paperback : 112 pp. 200 varnished duotone
ISBN : 978 977 424 812 2
Product Dimensions : 9.7 X 9.7 X 0.3 inch
Weight : 1 Kg
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